Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Absent-minded, but not quite absent!

Okay, so maybe I am rather absent-minded and absent. But I'm not done making videos. I'm fighting a strange combination of being lazy and being busy right now. I'm going to be working multiple jobs if possible, but on top of it all I'm also busy doing schoolwork for college.

HOWEVER, I have been recording some footage recently, for two series I have planned: Modcraft Tri and an unnamed dual-commentary series featuring the map 'Top Ramen: The Quest for Opulence' with Omble. Yes, I know, I have quite a few planned things already and unfinished stuff and whatever. Actually, Modcraft Tri is one of those things I have planned, I'm just finally acting on it. I'm going to focus my efforts on pumping out THE DOG Island and Skylands, and I'll release Modcraft Tri/Top Ramen once I have a number of episodes made.

If you're curious, Modcraft Tri is essentially a playthrough of a heavily modded Minecraft version 1.2.3 with specific objectives. The Tri is in the title for, uh... a few reasons. :|

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.