Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am proud.

I feel like I am gaining some sway through my videos. I'm noticing that I'm getting a subscriber or two a week. I am completely unfamiliar with this kind of attention. In fact, I recently hit 200 subscribers, which is absolutely awesome.

I really want to do something to commemorate this, so I'm trying to parse my viewers for some ideas on what to do. Everything seems to lean heavily towards doing a livestream, but I haven't quite decided on what to stream yet.

I'm going to release an update video on this subject soon, I promise. Maybe tomorrow, if I can get to it. I'm swamped with school, but I am pretty sure I can find the time somewhere.

You guys mean a lot to me, and seeing that subscriber count go up just reinforces my belief that I'm doing the right thing and that my research and planning before my return was definitely not for naught. Thank you all so much for all fo your support, even in the little ways like leaving a comment consisting entirely of the word "lol".

As long as there are those who enjoy what I do, so shall I continue!

Short terms plans include: recording more Fool's Errand, releasing a 200 sub special update video, and making a quick tutorial video on how to download and install Divine RPG and Weaponmod into Minecraft.

Long term plans haven't changed that I'm aware of. This is my excuse for not typing that stuff down because truthfully I am tired as crap and really should lie down.

Stay perky, guys!