Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am proud.

I feel like I am gaining some sway through my videos. I'm noticing that I'm getting a subscriber or two a week. I am completely unfamiliar with this kind of attention. In fact, I recently hit 200 subscribers, which is absolutely awesome.

I really want to do something to commemorate this, so I'm trying to parse my viewers for some ideas on what to do. Everything seems to lean heavily towards doing a livestream, but I haven't quite decided on what to stream yet.

I'm going to release an update video on this subject soon, I promise. Maybe tomorrow, if I can get to it. I'm swamped with school, but I am pretty sure I can find the time somewhere.

You guys mean a lot to me, and seeing that subscriber count go up just reinforces my belief that I'm doing the right thing and that my research and planning before my return was definitely not for naught. Thank you all so much for all fo your support, even in the little ways like leaving a comment consisting entirely of the word "lol".

As long as there are those who enjoy what I do, so shall I continue!

Short terms plans include: recording more Fool's Errand, releasing a 200 sub special update video, and making a quick tutorial video on how to download and install Divine RPG and Weaponmod into Minecraft.

Long term plans haven't changed that I'm aware of. This is my excuse for not typing that stuff down because truthfully I am tired as crap and really should lie down.

Stay perky, guys!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Status Update!

Alright, so I've been pretty busy lately, both with videos and with life. I'll try to fill you in on as much as I can.

My school ended for the quarter on the 11th, so I'm going to try and get as much groundwork done as I can as far as getting a constant flow of videos rolling. It starts back up on January 3rd, so here's to a fun winter break!

Right now I have two concurrent series running, Top Ramen and Fool's Errand. Top Ramen is all recorded and uploaded and is being published with one episode every Sunday. Fool's Errand currently has four episodes recorded and uploaded and is updating with one episode every Friday. I am going with the idea of recording two episodes at a time to account for possible suggestions from viewers, and also because playing for only twenty minutes at a time is just not fun. Forty is better. ;)

I have received two game suggestions I am looking into: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dungeon Fighter Online.

Skyrim is a series I've been deeply considering myself (if you haven't read previously in my blog), but my idea is kind of ambitious and I'll need some time to plan it all out. This means it's not as high on my To Do list as I'm still trying to get a larger flow of videos going. This will wait until I've got videos coming out maybe four times a week or so.

I've considered DFO but never put much thought into it in the past. Since it's been suggested and I do like the game, I think I'll go ahead and give it a shot. I would prefer to finish up The Dog Island first, however. I guess that means I should get started on making more episodes of it. D:

I also received a Minecraft suggestion for the Tekkit mod pack. This I think I will go ahead and start soon, and I will explain why. I've been trying to get more involved in the Let's Play/Minecraft communities, and due to this a few positive changes have occurred.

First, I have been accepted as a director to make videos for a community channel called Flaming Amazing Gaming. They do gaming videos for all different kinds and I'm considering giving my Tekkit series to them. I'll provide a playlist for the videos on my channel though, so all of my work will still more or less be kept in one place.

I've also applied and been accepted as a new member of the GenerationGame Minecraft server, which means you can expect some LP videos for that. GGMC by my experience so far is a very nice group of people and I'm definitely interested to see where things go from here. I have already recorded one episode for my GGMC series so far and I plan to release it on Tuesday.

I will also be taking part in a Minecraft event called Complete Chaos, which is currently scheduled for December 28. Unfortunately I won't be able to make that because apparently the world is supposed to explode or some junk on the week prior. Oh well.

I suppose that's about all for now. Chow for now!

P.S. I still have the Skylands footage. I'll get it done when I get my hard drive data more organized. Had a computer catastrophe and now my old data is kinda sprawled across a few internals being used as externals with no enclosure. :/

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coming soon!

Okay, so you can expect a new episode of Top Ramen to be released every Sunday. Since I have the episodes all divided up already, I can confirm that it will be 13 episodes long with the final episode being a very long finale. My reasoning for this is because after we complete the map we explore around a bit, but then spend an even longer time examining the area in detail and screwing around before calling it a wrap. In that sense, the final episode is more or less optional unless you are interested in Omble and my autonomy.

On a different note, I am working on a series for the game Don't Starve. I don't have anything done for it yet, but the decision for this game is set in stone. I am ignorant of a lot of the features and I fell like it would be fun to share my experiences with the viewers.

I am also going to do a series on the recently released Divine RPG mod for Minecraft. Yes, another Minecraft LP of the thousands you've seen. I really want to play this mod. Sue me. :D

If you guys decide you want to see something different than just another Minecraft LP, let me know and I will work a single popular suggestion into this schedule as well.

Friday, November 23, 2012


So I'm rolling forward with my plan and all of a sudden I see a game on Steam called Don't Starve. I loved the promo video and decided to grab it and try it out. The next day I did a spotlight video on it and now I'm seriously considering putting THE DOG Island on hold to do some videos on this game before too many of its secrets are spoiled for me.

Check out the video here: Neat Game Showcase: Don't Starve

What do you think?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Top Ramen: The Quest for Opulence

So I was blundering around my hard drive and stumbled across some footage I recorded for an unannounced, unpublished LP series I did with Omble on a map called Top Ramen: The Quest for Opulence. I had almost completely forgotten about it and somehow became excited at how quickly I could churn videos out for it.

That night I toiled away for a few hours and banged out a nice trailer for it and just yesterday I posted a video on YouTube for the first time in quite a while. I feel proud.

I've been working on generating episodes any time I had an opportunity and I'm aiming to release the first one in another day or so. From there I will post one episode of the series every week.

After that... idunno. But the current college quarter ends on December 5 and doesn't start again until a little ways into January, so during that time I hope to get a lot more work done on videos. I think once I finish what I'm doing with Top Ramen I'll focus on getting "Let's Play THE DOG Island" out of the way and figure out where to go from there.

Until next time, fellow Stuporians!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Videos

It seems like I'll be able to make some videos in the near future! I won't be a video churning powerhouse like before, but things are looking good for something every now and again.

I've slowed down with work and abandoned the search for a second job as it isn't quite as necessary. My wife managed to get herself a decent job to help equalize costs which allows for free time to do stuff.

I've also enrolled in college to study game programming which so far has been really fun. The homework so far has not been too brutal so I still get some game time every now and again.

Not counting time I need to reserve for homework I should be able to work on videos on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I can't promise I'll be doing videos on every one of those days as I may need to do extra work, homework, or persue a game I might be playing at the time. It does feel good, however, to know that videos are a possibility in the near future.

Here's to more YouTubing in the future!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I miss making videos.

I remember those good old times when I had all the time in the world to do stuff. Make videos, then play some games. But lately life has really been giving it to me in spades.

I'm currently looking for a second job to make some extra money to support my wife. If I continue college, I'll practically need to schedule my free time.

I think what I'll do is wait on future videos until I have a more stable schedule to work with. Right now there's just too much stuff going on for me to stress about getting videos out. As much as I enjoy it, I still feel pressured to get stuff out regularly.

I don't plan for a three year hiatus or anything, but I've never stopped thinking about videos and will reevaluate my position for doing them in a few more months. Right now I just need to get things in order.

Like always, thank you for all of your support.