Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coming soon!

Okay, so you can expect a new episode of Top Ramen to be released every Sunday. Since I have the episodes all divided up already, I can confirm that it will be 13 episodes long with the final episode being a very long finale. My reasoning for this is because after we complete the map we explore around a bit, but then spend an even longer time examining the area in detail and screwing around before calling it a wrap. In that sense, the final episode is more or less optional unless you are interested in Omble and my autonomy.

On a different note, I am working on a series for the game Don't Starve. I don't have anything done for it yet, but the decision for this game is set in stone. I am ignorant of a lot of the features and I fell like it would be fun to share my experiences with the viewers.

I am also going to do a series on the recently released Divine RPG mod for Minecraft. Yes, another Minecraft LP of the thousands you've seen. I really want to play this mod. Sue me. :D

If you guys decide you want to see something different than just another Minecraft LP, let me know and I will work a single popular suggestion into this schedule as well.

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