Saturday, December 3, 2011

Looking ahead

So I learned yesterday that I am uncomfortable with talking into a camera when others are around, waiting for me to finish. I need to find a way to be alone while doing it, which may be difficult.
Anyway, here are some general plans I have for the future, with no particular order hammered down for these projects:
I have four Minecraft series I want to do. One is the secret one that I'm excited about and will likely start on with haste. The others involve mods and have particular themes to them; two focus on individual mods and one will have the hell modded out of it to demonstrate the capability mods have of adding and expanding upon content.
I also would like to do that series on Skyrim that I mentioned before. That probably won't start until I'm ready to dedicate time to it since I know the game is going to completely swallow my soul. In fact, it may just be wiser to not do it blind, to prevent potential confusion and character breaking.
Amnesia's on my list too, to be started whenever. It will definitely be a blind run. I'm so curious to start it.
One I've started but yet to publish is Duludubi Star. I want to finish more episodes before I start on that, but the series seems promising despite having a slow start.
A series with an even slower start is my THE DOG Island series. I've been playing with my new HD-PVR recently, with good results. I feel confident enough to start making new episodes to post soon.
In the future I'd like to do a run of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, specifically The Subspace Emissary. Had an inspiration recently for how I could make a Brawl series very interesting.
I Wanna Be The Guy! is still on the backburner. I want to work on it, but I'll need to be pretty bored or way ahead of the game, the latter of which is very unlikely.
Trying to find another crappy GBA game to play, and I'm hoping it's not Bratz again.
I think that's about it!

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